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As head of the project: "DiscTissue - biological disc replacement" I am investigating the possibilities of disc regeneration.

The aim of the research project is to investigate the extent to which regeneration ie restoration of damaged intervertebral discs, can take place and whether late consequences can be avoided by an early recovery of a disc injury.  It is known that the tribological behaviour proceeds in stages (see picture) and leads to different degrees of injury. A punctual intervention could allow the restoration of the tissue. This shows that a damaged intervertebral disc has an unfavourable environment (ie the conditions) for regeneration. This research project intends, by the introduction of various substances in the damaged spinal disc, to improve the environment, thus getting the remaining disc cells (chondrocytes) the chance to proliferate again and produce substances that make out of a “gray” i.e. brittle disc, a "white" one i.e. flexible and rich in water.
Subsequently of course, to prevent a re-wear, risk factors (e.g. obesity, physical inactivity, etc.) need to be reduced.

Stages of disc wear, as shown in MRI. The loss of water and the degradation of the disc compartment are striking changes. At a certain stage, the changes are irreversible. However, it is to find out to what degree of wear regeneration is possible

The project is being conducted in cooperation with Trans Tissue Technologies GmbH
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