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International Patients

Prof. Woiciechowsky has extensive experience in dealing with international patients. He regularly treats patients from Europe, Russia, the Arab world, Asia, America  and African countries. He strictly respected the peculiarities of the individual cultures and respects the needs of patients. The cost will be calculated fairly and there are various ways of payment (cash, credit card, electronic cash) available. Images and findings can be sent by mail or over the Internet  (email, dropbox), to get a first assessment. A journey to Berlin for first consultation is useful.
A cost calculation will be created for each treatment. This is based on the German scale of charges for doctors (GOÄ). This can be seen in desire in the practice.
We assist international patients in the Visa application and the search for accommodation. We create a tight schedule for necessary investigations (CT-scan, MRI, EMG) and ensure a quick evaluation of the results. At the end  a treatment plan will be created based on the needs of the patient.
If you would like a consultation, you can arrange this directly with Prof. Woiciechowsky. This may be outside of office hours and on weekends.

Spine Hotline: +49 30 89048503 or +49 1701660597

Special offers:

  • spine check to identify problem zones, degenerative changes  in order to evalute risks for development of chronic back pain
  • neurological examination
  • imaging, especially functional X-rays, CT and MRI with 3D reconstruction and computer analysis
  • creation of treatment plans including physiotherapy, weight optimization, life balance improvement
  • minimal invasive and endoscopic disc surgery
  • all types of spinal fixation including dynamic stabilisation
  • artificial disc surgery
  • chondrocyte and stem cell transplantation
  • disc regeneration
  • radiofrequenztherapy
  • perineural injections
Online Consultation

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Sending images via Internet
You can send me your images (CT, MRI or Xrays) for evaluation. You can open an account at the online storage Dropbox (, copy your images there (DICOM folder from the CD) and allow me access to the folder where the images are (email: After evaluation of  the images I will mail you my treatment recommendations.