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Medical expert opinion

What advice is provided?

Neurosurgical causality and final reports related to the following questions will be created:

  • causal
    i.e. are the existing complaints (neck pain, dizziness, etc.) related to a sustained accident (e.g. whiplash   injury after a collision)?
  • final
    i.e. what permanent damage has left an accident (e.g. traumatic brain injury, spinal trauma / spine fracture)?

For whom advice is provided?

There are reports for

  • Individuals
  • Insurances
    (Private accident insurance, disability insurance, annuities, professional associations, etc.)
  • Courts
    (Social Security, civil law, administrative law, etc.)

If you have a problem and want to let get a report about this issue, you can make an appointment (by phone 030 89048503 or by email and I will advise you in the short notice.