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Treatment options

i.e. conservative therapies, coming first. This is followed by percutaneous, minimally invasive, so-called needle techniques, endoscopic and microsurgical operations up to open techniques. What form of therapy is good for you, depends on the degree of the wear process in the spine and can only ultimately be decided through a detailed investigation, followed by a radiological diagnosis. The principle: "As much as necessary, as little as possible." however, is always being followed.

To make it easier to understand the written words, drawings, photos, x-rays and for some surgical procedures is also supplemented by video material, are being used. If you still don’t find an answer to your question, then you can contact me by email and I will respond quickly.

Overview of treatment options

To ensure an optimal overview, treatments measures are grouped by type, no distinction has been made by the regions. Which means for instance that under the category "artificial intervertebral disc" you find both, information about the disc replacement in the lumbar spine and in the cervical spine. If someone is looking for an overview of therapeutic strategies in the cervical and lumbar spine, the links below can be followed.