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Spinal fusion

The spinal fusion or fixation is the last step in the treatment of degenerative spine disease. This is used when there is no other way and the pain is so severe that the quality of life is clearly impaired. The spinal fusion can now be performed with minimally invasive techniques, in order to minimise the damage to the tissues (muscle and skin).
For the patient, the word "fusion" is often dramatic, and he/she connects it to a substantial limitation of his/her mobility. It is often the opposite. For if there is an instability of the spine, then muscle tension appears as reflex, that exceed the affected segment and lead to movement restrictions. The muscle tightness can be felt.
A spinal instability is comparable to a loose chair leg. No one would hesitate to tighten the leg again, because only then, sitting safe is possible. This is similar to the spine, if anywhere a structure relaxation is present, then it should be removed.

Acampsia of the cervical -, thoracic - and lumbar spine