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Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine. It can have different occurrences and different causes.

Basically, it is to distinguish between the scoliosis of the adolescent and scoliosis of the elderly, known as degenerative scoliosis, which is considered here in particular. The scoliosis of the adolescent is treated in scoliosis specialized centers and is very complex.

Cause of degenerative scoliosis is the wear of the disc with height reduction and instability. If this instability cannot be caught through the muscle ligaments, then, various forms of spinal curvature result.

Gallery scoliosis

This leads also to a shift of the center of gravity, poor posture, pelvic tilt, ISG's syndrome and more. These changes and wrong exposures are often associated with back pain but also nervous pains in the legs when it comes to constriction of the nerve exit points, the so-called neural foramina.

The goal of surgery is to eliminate the pain. This is done by the restoration of the spinal balance and the decompression of nerves and a possible enlargement of the spinal canal. With the help of screw-rod systems, the spine is restored and stabilised. Thereby the process of wear at the joints (orthopedic surgery) and the intervertebral discs (Spondylchondrose) is stopped. The surgery is performed in a minimally invasive, microsurgical technique, i.e. without major damage to the surrounding tissue and surrounding structures. The patient can even already get up on the same day in extended operation and discharged after 7 days.