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Kyphosis of the cervical spine

Various processes such as inflammation and wear can lead to spine deformities such as kyphosis, i.e. tilting forward. This can occur in different places, cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine.
Kyphotic deformities of the spine are often associated with pain, arising from disorders of the muscle-ligament-apparatus and constrictions of nerves. Moreover the compression of the spinal cord and nerve can also cause paralysis and numbness. Therefore, it is often necessary to correct the kyphosis, to remove restrictions and restore the balance of the spine. The detailed procedure for achieving this goal depends on many factors. At the cervical spine, the removal of the affected vertebral body and their replacement make sense with a titanium cage.

Gallery kyphosis

These are different types of the so-called titanium baskets. Some have a fixed size and others can be distracted, i.e. the size can be changed according to the bridging defect. In addition, the "basket" will be secured with a plate. Some "baskets" already have wings for mounting.
The "baskets" have made the removal of bone from the iliac crest redundant and therefore reduced the operational risks. To improve the fusion they are often filled with bone substitute material.