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Minimally invasive techniques

Minimally invasive techniques are techniques where the actual procedure is carried out by puncture or with the help of needles. It is thus not "cut", like for classical surgery. With the help of this needle or puncture tecnique, with high precision drugs can be put to their place of action taking or desolate pain-causing nerves, but also remove disc tissue , and carry out even stability operations. No or only minor scars will remain. Many of these procedures can be performed as an outpatient.

Minimally invasive techniques require a precise knowledge of the anatomy and pathology, since not the full overview is available, but often only with help of the imagination in order to assemble the whole body from single images and to focus on the intention. But in the hands of an experienced physician they are very effective. The trend is clearly going into that direction in order to cause as little additional tissue damage and to make the patient quickly fully efficient again.

Overview minimally invasive techniques