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Microscopic disc surgery

The microsurgery is affected by the use of a microscope. Therefore, an illumination (of the deep) with a magnification of about 2-4 times is possible.

The microscope gets operated if a general large view is necessary or if more structures have to be exposed and the access isn't possible with an endoscope.

However, only someone who masters both techniques can take the best decision for his patient.

Read on to learn more about the exact course of the operation. It should be noted that the operation can be performed in principle from the back or the front of the cervical spine. Whilst the operation is in process, there is a possibility that after the removal of a spinal disc one can get hands on a cage or an artificial spinal disc. During the operation from behind only the herniated disc, called the sequestrum, is removed.  The remaining disc can recover. The use of each method depends on various factors.

Disc surgery in the cervical and lumbar spine