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Decompression of the spinal canal

A narrowing of the spinal canal can be compared to a due to rust narrowed pipe. The jet of water is getting weaker. The process can unfortunately not be stopped, but continues until eventually the rust completely seals the pipe. The narrowing of the spinal canal can be imagine similarly. This leads, due to bone proliferation and thickening of ligaments and joints, to constriction of the spinal cord or nerves. This causes pain and neurological deficits (numbness or paralysis). If the spinal canal is too narrow, then it must be surgically widened for nerves and the spinal cord to have space again. This is done with the elimination of the constricting structures (bones, ligaments), while the stability of the spine should be obtained. If this is not possible, then a stabilization operation must be carried out in addition. Conservative therapy can often relieve pain and slow down the process. Unfortunately, this cannot widened the spinal canal. Sometimes it is hard to decide when the optimal time of surgery is. But surely a necessary operation should not be delayed too much, because it is difficult or impossible for the once caused neurological deficits to form back.

Spinal canal enlargement in the cervical and lumbar spine