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Facet syndrome

The facet syndrome is one of the degenerative (wearing out) diseases of the spine. The cause of facet syndrome is primarily a wear of the disc, combined with a height loss. Thus, the facet joints are pressed into each other. This leads to the erosion of the facet joints and the so-called spondylarthrosis, i.e. changes in the synovial membrane and joint capsule; similarly to arthritis in other joints.

The spondylarthrosis can occur either as a separate illness, then we speak of a pure facet syndrome, or cause of other diseases to be (e.g., spinal stenosis, or narrowing of the spinal canal).

Mainly people older than 50 years are affected by the facet syndrome.  This disease mostly occurs in the lower lumbar area, but the vertebral joints (facets) of the cervical spine and the thoracic spine the least likely, can be affected.

Gallery facet syndrome

The facet joints are supplied with many nerve fibers. These are aroused by the inflammatory processes that occur in the context of osteoarthritis. However a direct mechanical irritation of instability is possible. Leading symptoms are therefore back pain or neck pain without significant neurological deficits and without aura.
Treatment measures are facets infiltration or facet denervation.