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CT (computed tomography)

The CT scan is a method of investigation which displays images of the inner body with the help of X-rays. There, transverse sectional images - similar to MRI - are being generated primarily. There is also a reconstruction at different levels, up to a 3D representation. This allows a better picture of deformities and is particularly important for surgical planning.

One advantage of CT compared with MRI is a better representation of the bony structures. This is important, for example, to assess whether a herniated disc is calcified or not or for fractures, whether the trailing edge extends into the spinal canal or not. Generally the classification of vertebral fractures is on the basis of CT diagnosis.

CT-devices have a Mehrzeilentechnik(?) up to 64-line devices that can scan the whole body in about 10 seconds. Secondary the calculation of arbitrary shift positions is possible.