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24 hours on the Nürburgring

I am by now have to report from the race on the Nürburgring because my site was translated into English, and I therefore had no access to the site. The race was very interesting. I was a total 16: 03: 45 hours on the road and made 380,7 km and approx. 7200 altitude gain. It was OK. I was very tired after round 9 and had to sleep 5 hours. Then it went well and I nonstop did six laps. The weather was also very nice. The Northern Loop with green hell was an experience for a short time almost 19% rise. Nevertheless, the ups and downs are relaxing as a monotonous increase in  Alps with climbs of 2000 m without rest. I can recommend to anyone the race you can also cycle relaxed in a team. There are a lot entertainment and fun.


625 km Nonstop

It was relatively hard and ultimately strange. The route went up to the Brocken and back over Staßfurt and Dessau. We drove through the night. The climb to the Brocken cost power, as we had already about 240 km in the legs, and strong wind was blowing from the front and from the side, just not from behind. The track was also a medium-sized disaster in regards to its surface. Sometimes gravel. Almost worse was then downhill and then the foothills of the Harz. It was getting dark and it was time for my lupine to be used. It really is a crazy light because one feels safe. The ups and downs though made it difficult for the legs and then joined by the fatigue. Luckily the entire course was available in GPS coordinates. I could load into my “Garmin” and that made orientation easy. No complicated search for the right way on a map card in the dark. Another problem was the food. After 12 hours I did not want to see anymore sweets, even the thought of it produced nausea. So I switched to eating bread and that only at the gas stations. After climbing the Brocken our group was torn, three drivers in the front and behind a group of two including me. Thus, there was at least some drafting. At about 6am nothing was ok. I started to drive on serpentine lines and could not keep my eyes open. So about 10 minutes of laying in the ditch. This short recovery was sufficient to trigger a regeneration boost. I could bring back more pressure on the pedal and keep the speed over 30. Then next stop and meanwhile only 150 km to Berlin, a distance that became tangible. Yet again we made a stop in a cafe. In the fight against the fatigue only a quadruple espresso helped. It was to hold the total time under 30 hours. I drove almost exclusively in the wind, and it rolled well. The only thing now killing, was the infinite Clayallee with its 1000 red-lights. But at some point my Garmin-route also flashed to finish, after 625 km and a total time of 30 hours, 25.5 hours cycling time.
I hope to get a starting position for Paris-Brest-Paris in 2011 with that

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400 Km Brevet

Actually, the Brevet was on 8 May, but I'm only now to report it, as the practice moved swallows a lot of time. It was a new experience for me to ride in a group of non-stop this distance. But it is very much fun. Most were routine. Many already Paris-Brest or (London-Ediburgh had driven) or FichKona or even Milan-Rome-Milan. I was new to Alexander. But work at the top still works well and we were able to maintain a 30 average. Unfortunately, after Alexander had a 200 km double plates and the tube in tire. Because he had no spare tires while, he had to abandon. Then I drove first solo. That was already tiring, always in the wind. The next checkpoint was after 240 miles and as I was able to find a group. The four of us had made good speed and were able to catch the next checkpoint in the top group. That was the break only four minutes. I was finally in after almost 14 hours travel time goal. Now stand at 6.19 am., 600 km. It is important, good weather and good legs.


The season has begun - Vienna 2010

I am happy with the start of the season. The training was very limited for lack of time. With an average of 50 km / week, I was at the lower level of what is calculated for a time under 3:30. So I was very satisfied with the 3:24:13. The conditions were good although at times there was a lot of head wind and the climbs to the bridges were decelerating. I could still get a good hold on my pace and until the end I only de -energised a little.  I found the Garmin Forerunner ® 310XT very helpful. I was good at controlling pace and heart rate. Unfortunately there was a little hectic rush after the run due to the flight chaos. I immediately had to get my things, get back to the hotel and then to the train. Well, at least the train was on time and the journey relaxing. Now I will go change to my bicycle and prepare myself for the 24 hour race at the Nurburgring on 22 August. I think it is a good combination of having Marathon in spring and autumn and cycling in summer. There are 2 challenges waiting, the first on the 09/05 : Brevet 400 km and then on the 19/06 : Brevet 600 km. Both of the Brevets are considered a qualification for Paris-Brest-Paris 2011. Let's see how it goes. It would at least be a goal.


Berlin - Frankfurt

After my bike activities I had two more marathons in sight: Berlin and Frankfurt. The preparation for Berlin was of course a bit short, actually only two weeks, i.e. at least two 30 km runs, more was not in it. But the race had to be. I also got in well, but some energy was missing, in the end. It was also very hot, you had to drink a lot. I was able to save myself to the goal with a time of under 3:29.

In Frankfurt, I resolved to do better. But it went worse. Previously I had little rest, had to work before the run, little sleep, no tapering. I've paid bitter. The last kilometers were a fight, I was overtaken mercilessly and could no longer oppose, 3:29:00 was my time, a few seconds less than in Berlin. I was frustrated. But you cannot change anything. The experience must be processed and the next time it will be better. Nevertheless, Frankfurt can be recommended, at the end of the season it is a nice run, the goal in the festival hall is special.

Berlin - Frankfurt


The Granfondo Fausto Coppi Cycling Marathon

Fausto Coppi, the "Campionissimo" which means "the master of masters". "A lonely man in the lead, his jersey is white celeste, his name is Fausto Coppi". He was probably the most charismatic racer of his time and an individualist. His life was uncompromising, his death tragic. With only 40 years Fausto Coppi died of malaria. He got infected with the pathogen in a race in the African Upper Volta.

In memory of the great racer an annual cycling marathon is held, it is a classic of the international racing sport. It offers two lengths (GRANFONDO with 200 km and 4500 high / Mediofondo with 120 Km and 2500 high): an unforgettable adventure for men and women in different age groups between 18 and 65. The extremely difficult Granfondo route leads into the magnificent Southern Alps in northwestern Italy's Piedmont region, near the French border, on the passes and Sampeyre Fauniera and on the Madonna del Colletto Pass.

After the "Ötztal" last year, this year the Granfondo Fausto Coppi was on the program. As preparation, I went to Tenerife and I went up the Tede several times at up to 40 ° C. But how do you say it...: "Quitters never win and winners never quit". But in order to not give up, you have to make the legs hard, so they bring you up to the summit and so the family vacation was also a little bit of a training-camp. Ultimately, it was worth it. Although the climb to the Fauniera pass with a short part of 22% uphill grade made it quite tempting to dismount, I managed to stay on the bike and not fall over with it. The downhill is a little Italian, i.e. roads with many potholes and bumps. It was all about clutching tight to the handlebars and prays. Happy are those getting through without falling. After 10 hours and 45 minutes I was through the goal, and it was unforgettable. The mountains have a mystique atmosphere and I could confirm again that there is nothing better than travel passes.

Skoda Veloton - Tede - Fausto Coppi


Alpine Tour zum Großglockner

There is hardly anything more beautiful than riding passes, especially when the weather is good. One of the most beautiful Alpine passes is certainly the Alpine Road to Grossglockner. The tour is an experience. After my running season in the spring that I have completed with the 25 km from Berlin, the old French race, I absolutely wanted to be on my bicycle again. Although I only had a few training miles, I was drawn to the Alps and I wanted to gain the first altitude in preparation of the "Fausto Coppi" in late summer. And it went better than expected. On the very first day I could climb 3300 m and in total there were then 8500 m. I was on the Grossglockner twice and it was a dream. The road is spectacular, unfortunately too many bikers (too much noise and too much exhaust fumes). But still, the triumph outweighs. Anyone can drive up with a motorcycle. I do not understand where the fun in that is? It was still a lot of snow above, which yet beautified the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the Alps are a bit far away from Berlin. I will test myself again at Skoda Velothon.

Tour to the Großglockner


The 113th Boston Marathon

Boston is the mother of all road marathon and it is the most traditional marathon after the Olympics. It is held annually on Patriot's Day, the third Monday in April, in the U.S. state of Massachusetts, starting in Hopkinton and finishing in Boston. The first race was held on 19 April 1897, a year after the marathon at the Olympic Games 1896 in Greece. For the first run, 15 athletes were starting. This year there were 23 163, the second largest number after 1997, the 100th anniversary. For the women's run, there was the victory of the Kenyan Salina Kosgei (2:32,16 hrs) with one second lead over defending champion Dire Tune of Ethiopia, the closest decision in the history of the event. For the men, Deriba Merga (Ethiopia) ended with his convincing victory in 2:08,42 hrs, the three-year dominance of Robert Cheruiyot (Kenya).

For me, the race was spectacular. After New York I thought at first there will not so much be going on in Boston, since you start outside and then first run through small towns. But think again. The Americans celebrate their heroes and they had good reason for that. With Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher, Americans were with both, men and women promising and so there were fireworks next to the track, people were enthusiastic and came in crowds to the track. In Germany, we stand at the edge and watch and the greatest emotional “going overboard” is clapping. The Americans shout, scream, shriek and whistle and do all of that at the same time. You get a mix of feelings, feel excited and are driven, and the the home stretch shows. You can see it from far away and feel the happiness and the joy to still have good legs for a respectable sprint. I ran 3:20:11 and was very satisfied. After New York, my second best time. No matter how the profile is in America, you run faster.

The 113th Boston Marathon



The Vattenfall BERLIN HALF MARATHON  is for me always the start of the track season and a MUST for all of Berlin's runners. And his time again there was world class in the elite field of men and women and  the 170,000 spectators along the route made a great atmosphere . 25 193 participants had registered, as many as never before. I came well through the winter. Of course, there could have been some kilometers  more. The will was there, what was missing was the time and to always run at night with a head lamp demoralises. But it is not about whining but to show bite and iron discipline. I was happy with the run. The result was 1:32:53. A good preparation for Boston. I would make a few more 30 km runs and then it should be ok.


New York Marathon 2008

The biggest race in the world with 42.195 km is now regarded as the mecca of marathons in general. The sightseeing tour, which runs through such diverse neighborhoods such as Brooklyn, Manhattan, through Harlem and the Bronx starts on the ramp to the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in Staten Island. The last few miles lead through Central Park. The New York Marathon is famous for its very special atmosphere, not because you get to run particularly fast. Usually it is the opposite: Because of numerous bridges and some rising passages - despite the encouragement-Kicks - best times are ran extremely rare here.
For me, the course had given everything it had promised. Even the early drive out, the first at around 4am, were part of it. Then the wait for the start up with the rising sun, the cold, the wrapped in foil runners, the warm coffee. The atmosphere is unique. And then the slow undressing, the procedure to start. I was in the first wave. The last few minutes then in the cool, the national anthem, then Frank Sinatra's "New York New York" and then the starting signal after 4 hours of waiting time. I approached the race just like a 100 m race. The mood pushes you forward and you have to slow down in order not to be over the top. My heart rate monitor gave no signals and so I had no control, the split times in miles were a bit unusual because we Europeans are used to kilometers. And so you walk with a permanent scream in your ear, just on the bridges and in Queens it was calm. The last 5 km were hard, because the legs were heavy after all. But still in New York you will not slow down. It is all about the turn on of the autopilot, to insert the tunnel vision and then just go for it. I ran 3:17:49. For me, best time.
Paula Radcliffe won for the third time after 2004 and 2007 at the Big Apple in 2:23:56 hours and beat the Russian Lyudmila Petrova (2:25:43) and the US-American Kara Goucher (2:25:53).
In the men's race in New York was the Brazilian Marilson Gomes dos Santos (2:08:43) for the second time since 2006 in front. He won in a tight final against the Moroccan Abderrahim Goumri (2:09:07), who had already taken place two in the previous year, and conceded just like Radcliffe $ 165,000 bonus.
New York is unique. I will come back.

New York Marathon 2008



Despite great concern in advance because of the weather, the Berlin Marathon was held in ideal conditions. Haile Gebrselassie and Irina Mikitenko crowned the race at the 35th Anniversary real, - BERLIN-MARATHON. The Ethiopian was the first athlete on the 42.195 km in less than 2:04 hours. After 2:03:59 Haile Gebrselassie reached the goal. Irina Mikitenko took advantage of the perfect conditions with temperatures of 12-16 degrees Celsius, sunshine and little wind to a dream time of 2:19:19 and broke through to the 2:20 barrier.
In terms of overall size, the 35th BERLIN-MARATHON set new standards. 35 913 runners and walkers had reached the goal at the Brandenburg Gate - more than ever before. The previous record was 32 600 from the year 2007. Thus the real, - BERLIN-MARATHON 2008, was the fifth largest marathon race of all time.
It was a lot of fun to be part of this race. Despite slightly reduced preparation time due to the cycling, I felt well during the race and was satisfied with my time of 3:22:14.

And as they say, after the run is before the run. I look forward to the season's highlight, the ING New York City Marathon 2008.

Berlin-Marathon 2008


Ötztal Cycling-marathon 2008

The Ötztal Cycling Marathon, with start and destination in Soelden calls absolute excellence from professionals and amateurs. This cycling marathon is already taking place for 27 years, and is with its 238 KM long and 5,500 meters high very difficult. About 4,000 participants cope with it during one day between North and South Tirol, the ascents and descents to the respective Kühtai at 2020 meters, 1370 meters with the torch, with the Jaufenpaß 2090 meters and as a highlight of the crossing of the Timmelsjoch to 2509 meters. Different weather conditions from sunshine to snow and the attractive route nourish the myth of the Ötztal Cycling Marathon as an international cycling classic.
For me it was the most beautiful but also the hardest race I've driven to date. There is always a question of training and weight, as well as to get over the mountains. My weight was optimal, the training could have been better. With close to 3000 driven cycling kilometers I certainly was not prepared optimally. But what should one do when the time is short. There is still work and a family. Since each km driven training is somehow won. For 11:25:44 hrs I was on the road. The atmosphere was unique, and the driving up to Timmelsjoch (altitude 1759m), was something like a Tour de France feeling. And of course it's a wonderful feeling to drive over the pass and to plunge into the downhill. I'll probably come back soon and then better prepared.

The Ötztal cycling Marathon 2008


5. June 2008 - 9th Berliner DKB-TEAM-Relay

"The team is everything!" At the Berlin DKB-TEAM-RELAY in the heart of Berlin between the Brandenburg Gate, Victory Column and Potsdamer Platz. Each team consists of five members, which run every 5 km through the Tiergarten.
Overall, 3775 relays registered for the 9th Edition of the DKB-TEAM-Relay, that were 18 875 runners. The TEAM-relay is the fastest growing organization of SCC-RUNNING. There is a very simple reason: It is just more fun to run in the team!
Even for us neurosurgeon at the Charité, this is a very traditional race. The relay of the "brain Runners" was  the best of the Charité last year and this reputation was to be defended. And I think we have topped our expectations and hopes. Although we all had the feeling  to not have trained enough, the result was very good: 1:41:23 meant 39th place in the standings and again best Charité-relay. Maybe next year we are creating the 1:40:00 mark. In any case, we will be back and in any case we will have great fun.

The "Brain Runners" at the 9th Berlin DKB-TEAM-Relay


25th May 2008 - Skoda Velothon BERLIN

It was a really nice experience to travel through a car-free Berlin. Everything was ideal, the weather, the track and the audience. Certainly if everyone is racing through the city it is not without dangers. Therefore, I prefered cycling alone in the wind. But that is crazy fun especially when the audience is cheering for one. Praise the organizers. My time 2:45:43, average of 37.1 km/h. I was satisfied. Of course, there is still a long way to Sölden Ötztal Cycle Marathon on 31/08/2008. 5500 meters are waiting for me on a 238 km-route. But I'm sure it will be great fun.

Skoda Velothon - impressions from the race


6th April 2008 - 28th Berlin Half Marathon

It was my entry into this year's running season. The weather was better than predicted. Overall it was a very nice run in nearly optimal temperatures. My time was 1:34:00. No best time indeed, but I was satisfied. Especially since the last time I was clearly limited in my training options. It was great fun and the Berlin crowd was great again. I look forward to the next event. Unfortunately, I cannot participate at the 25-km run on the 4th May because I will be at a spine congress in the U.S.

My next highlight is the Skoda Velothon Berlin, 2008. The first cycle race for everyone in Berlin. Certainly a top event.