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DiscMaxx HydroGel - GelStick -Nucleus replacement

Many people in Germany suffer from back pain. Cause of back pain are mainly degenerationon the intervertebral discs and subsequently also to the small vertebral joints. This leads to loss of stability and secondary tension in the muscles and inflammation of the muscle attachments. Overall, in the development of back pain degeneration and the accompanying inflammatory response play a crucial role. This is visible in the MRI. They show on the one hand, a fluid loss in the disc, the so-called dehydration and fluid accumulation in the adjacent vertebral bodies, the so-called bone marrow edema.

Patient with signs of degenerative disc disease and pronounced so-called Modic changes. In the left image the so-called T2 images these changes are rather light and in the right images (T1-images) are rather dark. This shows that the process is still active. If the inflammation has endured, it is white in the right T1 images

The inflammation leads to the formation of an acidic environment, whereby free nerve endings that are located in the endplates of the vertebral bodies, are irritated and transmit a sensation of pain to the brain. Against this background, has been variously tried the nucleus pulposus to replace as the starting point of degeneration. The method showed this disparity in the success.

Left - dehydrated disc. Middle - implantation of a Gelstick. Right - Gelstick has received fluid and enlarged.

Currently, a new promising method has been introduced where through an injection into  the intervertebral disc, a hydrogel stick is implanted. This stick is originally hard and stiff. He swells by absorbing water after 1- 2 hours to tenfold. Thus, the disc became again elastic and can exert its normal function. In addition, the gel lowers the pH value and thereby leads to a reduction of the inflammation in the intervertebral disc. This is additionally important for the survival of the still functioning intervertebral disc cells. We are pleased that we can offer to you this method of rehydration of the intervertebral disc.  The operation is carried out during a two-day hospital stay. The aim is firstly to reduce stress that the Gelstick can be placed  in the intervertebral disc. This may be followed by physiotherapy. Within a short time, a reintegration into the labor process and the resumption of activities is possible.