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The prosthesis for allergic persons

Previously disc prosthesis could only be implanted to patients who had no allergies to chromium, cobalt or nickel, since these metals are contained in the classic alloys, which are used for production of prostheses. In the population the rate of sensitization to nickel is about 12% and to cobalt and chromium about 5%. While it is not certain that abrasion particles of metals can cause allergic reactions, but there are few reports, so no risk should be taken.
Now there are special prostheses that consist entirely of titanium with an extremely hard coating as titanium alloy are usually too soft, such as the "Baguera" by the company Königsee. This prosthesis is coated with Diamolith®, which also prevents abrasion and improves glide. Thus disc prosthesis can be implanted even for allergy sufferers. I use this prosthesis. My patients and I are very satisfied with the results.

The Baguera disc prosthesis